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Sex is the source of our health and the happiness of our life

Stress, lack of movement and physical activity are the symbols of our today’s society in highly developed countries. Such life style has a negative influence on our health, including our sexual potency.

Unfortunately, people who search desperately for the means to deal with their problems like, for instance, obesity or decreased potency, choose the most effortless solutions. And so in the case of obesity they choose “miracle diet” and as far as the sexual potency is concerned, they will reach for the "blue pill" or other questionable yet miraculous medicaments, which are vastly advertised over the internet, in the press and on the television. In general, people stopped to follow their own mind and they let themselves to be directed by the commercials that attack us every day through different kinds of media.

Is Viagra & Co a solution for your problem with sexual potency?

The faith that the next “miracle diet” will solve the obesity problems and that VIAGRA is the solution for the problem of sexual potency is uncritical. Yes, in short terms it might help. The question is, however, why do we try to fight the outcomes instead of solving the causes of the problem? We could answer it with one word: LAZINESS, but it would not be the whole truth. Actually, the problem is much more complex and it is generally connected with our lifestyle.

So what should be done in order to improve the quality of our life including our sexual vitality?

This topic is as huge as an ocean and it is hard to describe all the necessary changes that should be made in our lives to be happy with our health. Generally speaking, we should return to the sources of our health. This means that we should care about our vital forces at every age – the proper body weight and the physical condition. The importance of physical exercises for our health is enormous.

Some specialized exercises, can have a great influence on our sexual potency.

These particular exercises were described in PROJECT ANDROS and presented on the following website:

PROJECT ANDROS Vitality HomeGym is a unique training program supported by medical knowledge and performed entirely on a specialized and professionally designed world-class equipment. The program has positive effects on your health in general and it strengthens the muscles that have significant role during a sexual act (so called erectile muscles / potency muscles).

The base of the unique training program presented in the PROJECT ANDROS is the machine called S6-PRIAPOS. It allows the user to perform all-purpose workout along with the specialized exercises that improve the potency of men and women. The all-purpose exercises provide great benefits to our health and they were presented on this website:

Why is it worth to train?

Click the following link to view the description of the exercises devoted to the potency of men and women:

Erection Exercises

PROJECT ANDROS gives you the possibility of choice between the natural potency and the "potency" supported by the chemistry.

Projekt Andros

PROJECT ANDROS gives you the possibility of return to the very sources of our health and happiness. The exercises that you can perform on S6-PRIAPOS machine allow you not only to improve your physical condition, but also have the beneficial influence on the sexual life at every age!

The S6-PRIAPOS machine is a professional home gym.

Now you can have your own gym at home and you can train whenever you want and as much as you want. In the morning, right after you wake up, or before you go to sleep. Now you can feel how your vital forces and sexual potency increase with every day.

Projekt Andros